Keeping history alive is no easy task. One way to try and do this, it by writing a book that reconstructs the actual events of history. In his book ‘Kursk’, Burt takes you on a journey back to a tragic occurrence that claimed and affected hundreds of people. Burt recounts the event so well such that after reading this book, it feels like you are reliving that experience.

So the story goes that; a submarine carrying a torpedo meant for testing got into an accidental collision with boats sent to spy on the testing of the torpedo. This tragic collision opens the door to a series of terrifying experiences. The collision leads to an explosion taking things to a whole different and dangerous level. Alone in the Barents Sea without the government’s or international help, the Kursk’s men have to do all that it takes to survive. This means battling with fire, despair and rising waters, if they even have a chance to make it to land.

The characters are perfectly developed and they make the story incredible. A combination of politics, drama, tension and adventure as captured in the book will keep you captivated and hooked from cover to cover. Every word, every chapter of the book is exactly where it needs to be. It is a must read for all political drama lovers and all those who cannot have enough of history.

This book is totally incredible. Totally in love with it.

Festus M, Writer, Nairobi