Kursk is the true account of a Russian military mission gone horribly wrong. The book chronicles the efforts by the military to run simulation tests on their submarines.

The tragic story of the sinking of the Kursk unfolds throughout the book. Both Russian and American officials play an important part in the story; as do innocent military men and their loved ones.

Once a reader has begun the story putting the book down is next to impossible. Though it is a little slow to get started the book captures the desperation of both the crew aboard the Kursk and those tasked with rescuing them. In addition to being a factual recount it is also an emotionally driven story that sucks in any reader with a heart and a soul. The difficulty in making it through the book lies in the fact that the reader is rooting for those in danger to be rescued as hard as their loved ones were rooting for it.

This recount of a tragic incident that affected hundreds of lives is a powerful piece of writing.

Julie W. Kings County, NY, United States