The Dai Hong Dan

And…I quit writing.

The ‘Dai Hong Dan’ went into the freezer (next to the turkey). What to do, go search for another James Mitchel story or start something completely different? It was at that time that I read the latest Dan Brown novel, ‘Origin’. Now I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Brown although I tend to find his writing style somewhat ‘long and full of detail’. But that’s every writer’s preferred style and prerogative. But it’s especially Mr. Brown’s eye for a mystery but a yet plausible story and his obvious research that went into it, that I truly admire.

Could I possibly think of such a story and even I could, would I be able to write it, I asked myself. The answer was clear quickly, NO. I never could. I probably could think of a story but writing it. The research alone my patience could never bear. But still, like the subjects of the genre, I ignored my initial feelings and decided to try and think of a story and see where it got me and….

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