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Reading, writing, rereading and rewriting

My new book looks in no way like the ones from the writers I mentioned before. And I’m glad for that. I’ve always been afraid that I would somehow, unintentional, and unconsciously copy a known writer. Rereading the finished chapters I can honestly say my work is different with probably a little of every author I once read and hopefully a bit of myself. Does that make my new book a good book? I have no idea. My wife seems to think so. ... Read More

One year later.

A year passed by since I iced ‘Dai Hong Dan’ and began thinking of a story in ‘the style of Dan Brown’ and ever since I’ve been asking myself what am I doing, but I am writing. Some five months of research brought me to a mysterious story about ancient secrets (maybe) revealing themselves at the present time. ‘Aldaraia’ (working title) was born and the first words of a prologue were written.... Read More

The Dai Hong Dan

And…I quit writing. The ‘Dai Hong Dan’ went into the freezer. What to do, go search for another James Mitchel story or start something completely different? It was at that time that I read the latest Dan Brown novel, ‘Origin’. Now I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Brown although I tend to find his writing style somewhat ‘long and full of detail’. But that’s every writer’s preferred style and prerogative. But it’s especially Mr. Brown’s eye for a mystery but a yet plausible story and his obvious research that went into it, that I truly admire. Could I possibly think of such a story and even I could, would I be able to write it, I asked myself. The answer was clear quickly, NO. I never could. I probably could think of a story but writing it. The research alone my patience could never bear. But still like the subjects of the genre I ignored my initial feelings and decided to try and think of a story and see where it got me and….... Read More

Indeed it’s been a while. Or: What happened after the release of 47 Hours? Part 1

Writing is my passion but writing blogs and on social media is a completely different thing, so it’s time for an update.
It’s been a while since ‘47 Hours, The Fall and Rise of Hugo Chavez’ the sequel to Kursk saw first daylight. And after two books held together by one main character what do you do? Indeed, you plan on making it a trilogy. And so I did and ‘Dai Hong Dan’ was born, again a story based on true events with little facts about what truly happened, where I would write my hero in to live and explain it all. After four months of research and writing an outline the new James Mitchel novel found its way to the laptop and principal writing began, and then it happened, I froze. Somehow it didn’t feel right, my heart wasn’t in the story and writing it became heavy, and heavier up to the point when I was looking at my screen, reread my outline and…. ... Read More

The rise and fall of the shortest dictatorship in history.


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“11 de abril, recordamos el inicio del auge y caída de la dictadura más breve de la historia, recordamos también el calvario del Cristo-Pueblo que resucitó al tercer día, nuestro 13 eterno. El 11 de abril siempre estará ahí para recordarnos cómo pretendió triunfar y fracasó la muerte, recordamos también qué clase de país se proponía la oposición mediática y contrarrevolucionaria, para no olvidar nunca la sangre que se derramó ese día. Sangre venezolana, tanto bolivariana como opositora. El golpe de abril es un punto de inflexión en nuestra historia como pueblo, que cobró conciencia de que él mismo es quien lucha y construye su propia historia, y nos demostró, para siempre, que todo 11 siempre tendrá su 13 en la Patria de Bolívar.
Todo golpe tendrá siempre su contragolpe revolucionario.
Honor eterno a nuestro bravo pueblo y a nuestros bizarros soldados.”... Read More