So, really I know. I’ve been away from my own website for some time now. Why? The answer is simple: Time, or rather, not enough time. If you followed my Twitter feed you may have noticed that I’m writing my latest screenplay into a novel. Something I’ve never done before so as you can probably imagine I totally underestimated the job.

I figured that rewriting a 120 page screenplay to a novel was easy because, what better story outline could you possibly have? Not! Not, not. (Did I say not?)

Mainly I totally underestimated the level of detail necessary for creating a novel. A screenplay is easy. You stay away from too much detail. If not, no-one will touch it because they cannot use their own creativity to make it into a movie. And that’s were a novel if different. A novel is the ‘end-product’. No-one will make your novel into a 'good novel' when you finish (maybe your editor can help you a little but that’s it). With a script it’s the start-product. So no worries if it stinks a little. With a little luck someone will create something beautiful from it. Off course there are more important differences as the ‘tense’ you write it in. Screenplays are traditionally written in present tense. With a novel not so much, you can choose, and choosing—indeed, choosing takes time. Finding your style. Everything you write down into a novel is final. No-one will (want to) touch after you finished (pun intended).     

Anyway. So I’ve been gone from my page for quite a while now. If you are interested in an actual report about my doings (why would you possibly be?) I advise you to follow me on Twitter. Why on Twitter and not on you own blog you might think? 140 characters limit. Need I say more?

So my planning is to finish the book late this summer after which I will probably start up my next screenplay adventure.

For now this is what I can give you. Sorry for the disappointment? See you soon?