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And again it’s been a while. I guess all my time not spend on social media went into writing my book. Sorry for that.

And now were almost there. On the left hand side of this page you see the countdown to DECEMBER 7, 2015, the release of my book, Kursk. So exited.
The writing is done and now we’re busy formatting the book for the various formats like Paperback and eBook.
As you have seen on the previous posts on Twitter the cover design work is done. For this I would like to thank my designer Frank van Uytrecht for being very, very patient with me. Frank is a fast worker but I gave him a real hard time with all the changes I kept making.
And then there’s Andrea Busfield. As credited in the book as my Editor, Muse and Critic. She kept me writing, writing and rewriting. And in the end she again saved me from a huge mistake (typo) made on the cover of the book.
So, while most of my time now goes to getting the book published I’ll check in frequently form now to keep you informed on the publishing.

For now, as al small bonus to this post below I placed the blurb for Kursk.

Good luck and good reads,


Moscow, summer of 2000, and Vladimir Putin has just come to power. Young naval officer Mischa Kastamarovis is called up to serve on the Kursk, a submarine carrying a super torpedo for testing in the Barents Sea.

At the same time, the US sends two submarines to spy on proceedings. But an accidental collision between the boats triggers a terrifying series of events, as the torpedoes explode, leaving Kolesnikov struggling to save his crew.

While their own government denies knowledge of the incident and refuses international aid, the men of the Kursk must fight fire, rising water and the onset of despair. Their plight ignored by their President, they are on their own against the elements in a desperate attempt to survive.

Based on a true story of bravery, tragedy and the lethal folly of pride, Kursk is a not to miss political drama.