Kursk review

In modern society we’re often faced with numerous challenges, these might be social, economic, political and various other issues. However, the important factor here is that we need to learn something from our life experiences – by giving ourselves the necessary time to reflect on past mistakes and misunderstandings; Burt Clinchandhill, the author of the book Kursk, takes us on a unique journey back into a period in Russia, the year and time was the middle of the millennium (year 2000).

The book Kursk is based on true events but the story itself is partially fictional. The central theme of the story focuses on a tragedy or incident, which took place in Russia within a certain period in the year 2000. In this book the term ‘Kursk’ refers to an Oscar-class submarine, which was one of the largest submarines in the Russian Navy. Based on the author’s inspiration and portrayal of events, he did a terrific analysis of the public theories and broadcasts and along with awesome character representation. Due to all of this the reader is able to capture and follow the author’s analytical approach.

“You know, it seems to me that my husband had a premonition of his death”, she told the room. “When I went to see him in the summer, not long before he went to sea, he wrote me a small piece of poetry”.
“When my time has come my thoughts be for you alone, softly I would breathe my last breath and I would find the strength to whisper; ‘I will always love you’ ”. These are quotes taken from author Burt Clinchandhill’s book Kursk. This piece of poetry is beautiful and very refreshing.
The main themes in Burt Clinchandhill’s book were faith, restoration and tragedy. Would I recommend this book to readers? Yes I definitely would, this book is very inspirational and interesting.

Annie H. Freelance Writer, Jamaica