118 Men
Trapped Beneath The Barents Sea


On Saturday, 12 August 2000, the huge, (it was as large as two jumbo jets) and supposedly ‘unsinkable’ nuclear Russian submarine, Kursk, plummeted to the bottom of the Barents Sea, having endured a massive explosion (measuring 4.2 in the Richter Scale and felt as far afield as Alaska) which ripped open, what had previously been described as, its ‘impregnable’ steel nose. The end result was human devastation, a tragic loss of the entire crew, a total of 188 lives were lost, in what was to become one of the greatest maritime mysteries of the modern era. 

Rumours quickly spread of the incident being caused by the Kursk colliding with a WWII mine! Alternatively, it was proposed that it had been hit by friendly fire during exercise. Other theories proposed that unstable torpedo’s, containing highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide liquid were on board. Stories and fresh theories about and continue to be proposed.

Now, 15 years after the dramatic events, Dutch
author, and screenplay writer, Clinchandhill, has produced a stunning new book
on the case. Utilising all known facts, and intertwining these within a
gripping storyline, that not only portrays what might well have happened, but
puts the reader right there among the, bravery, action and devastation. A
compelling must read political drama that is sure to be popular.

– 118 Men Trapped Beneath The Barents Sea
– Review
copies of the book can be obtained from the author Burt Clinchandhill

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Burt Clinchandhill has loved writing since his youth, when he used to write short stories. As an adult, he spent decades pursuing other careers, but has recently returned to writing, which is where his true passion lies.

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