So it’s been six months since the last post and about time to give a sign of life. I’m still here and working, writing harder than ever.
First I’m proud to say that the production of the Kursk audiobook is finished and I think it’s great. Special thanks to Dan Carrol for narrating the book. Dan, great job.

The audio book is available on:



And on Apple iTunes

The work on the new book is progressing… slowly. The story is ready and the outline written. Also, the first 6 chapters are ready. I’m not sure why bit the work is demanding much more effort than the first book. The original release planning was April 2017 but I’m not sure if I’m going to make that deadline.

On the bright side, the special, KURSK, UNCENSORED EDITION is planned for release in the fall. The especial edition will contain all the original characters and their original names. Also the names of locations, ships, etc. have been edited to their real names. As a special bonus, the ‘fact section’ in the afterword has been expanded with more and new facts.

Wel, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the new audio edition of Kursk and hope to see you again at the launch of KURSK THE UNCENSORED EDITION.
Have a great one,

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