Writing is my passion but writing blogs and on social media is a completely different thing, so it’s time for an update.
It’s been a while since ‘47 Hours, The Fall and Rise of Hugo Chavez’ the sequel to Kursk saw first daylight. And after two books held together by one main character what do you do? Indeed, you plan on making it a trilogy. And so I did and ‘Dai Hong Dan’ was born, again a story based on true events with little facts about what truly happened, where I would write my hero in to live and explain it all. After four months of research and writing an outline the new James Mitchel novel found its way to the laptop and principal writing began, and then it happened, I froze. Somehow it didn’t feel right, my heart wasn’t in the story and writing it became heavy, and heavier up to the point when I was looking at my screen, reread my outline and….