In the first three blogs of this series I told you about the ‘Dai Hong Dan.’ The never finished story.

For those who are still curious about the book here’s the blurb:

In his third installment Lt Cmdr. James Mitchel once again sails the African waters on board the USS James E. Williams. When Mitchel learns of a mysterious cargo onboard the Dai Hong Dan – a North Korean freighter – the American warship sails to intercept. Before the Williams reaches the North Korean freighter they are seized by Somalian pirates in the waters where U.S. and NATO warships have been patrolling off the Horn of Africa for years now in an effort to stop piracy.
As the suspicion of a very dangerous cargo aboard the Dan rises, Mitchel and his colleagues take a thrilling ride were danger and the threat of nuclear war are imminent.
Dai Hong Dan is the latest and final adventure in the James Mitchel trilogy thriller inspired by true events. Or is it?

– Don’t go looking for the book it was never finished, isn’t published, so it doesn’t exist