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Kursk, The true creation of a not-so-true story?

During my search for the topic of a new novel, some time in 2013, I read an article about a sunken submarine in a magazine handed to me by a dear friend of mine. The article described, in chronological order, the events that happened in august 2000, according to reports published a number of years after the conclusion of the official investigation. ... Read More

Review on Kursk by Festus M, Writer, Nairobi

Keeping history alive is no easy task. One way to try and do this, it by writing a book that reconstructs the actual events of history. In his book ‘Kursk’, Burt takes you on a journey back to a tragic occurrence that claimed and affected hundreds of people. Burt recounts the event so well such that after reading this book, it feels like you are reliving that experience.... Read More

Been away (too long?)

So, really I know. I’ve been away from my own website for some time now. Why? The answer is simple: Time, or rather, not enough time. If you followed my Twitter feed you may have noticed that I’m writing my latest screenplay into a novel. Something I’ve never done before so as you can probably imagine I totally underestimated the job. ... Read More

Is Screenplay writing different then writing novels?

Guest column by Michael Ferris. A former Hollywood Lit Manager, Michael started ScriptAWish.com as a way to help other writers get their foot in the door and has helped several writers sell their scripts (like Travis Beacham of PACIFIC RIM) and set up projects with producers like Academy Award Winner Arnold Kopelson. His new Studio Networking and Screenwriting Conference ... Read More