One year later

A year passed by since I iced ‘Dai Hong Dan’ and began thinking of a story in ‘the style of Dan Brown’ and ever since I’ve been asking myself what am I doing, but I am writing. Some five months of research brought me to a mysterious story about ancient secrets (maybe) revealing themselves at the present time. ‘Aldaraia’ (working title) was born and the first words of a prologue were written.

After quitting on my previous book the first chapters a tiny voice inside my head kept asking if I was really going to finish this one. Twelve months and dozens of chapters later I’m still writing and the doubt whether or not I will finish the book is gone. I will finish and if everything goes as planned the book will be available late this fall. Mind you, it’s not a ‘Dan Brown’ book. And I thank G*d for that.

The three writers that inspired me most (in my own writing) are Dan Brown – for his eye for detail and his mystery, Tom Clancy – who was the inspiration for the James Mitchel series – and, Michael Crichton for his eye for scientific facts combined with social issues. Each author not comparable to the other with their unique writing style and story signature and…. (more to come soon)

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