47 Hours

After stumbling upon a plot to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Hugo Chávez, James Mitchel finds himself in the midst of a coup that his own country appears to be involved in.

In his new role as military attaché to the US Embassy in Caracas, he tried to escape from the horror of his last mission and the nightmares that continue to haunt him. But life is rarely that simple in the murky world of geopolitics.

Propelled by a need to amend the wrongs of the past, Mitchel teams up with his best friend, the Venezuelan intelligence officer José Abrantes, in an effort to restore democratic power and avert further bloodshed in a thrilling race against time.

Primarily a work of fiction based on fact, this is the second James Mitchel adventure novel.

What happened during the shortest coup in world history? 47 Hours, The Fall and Rise of Hugo Chavez by @Clinchandhill. A fast-paced #political #thriller based on true events.


In 2002 the opposition working together with the CIA in Venezuela work to overthrow the democratic elected Hugo Chavez Government.

Mitchel James an intelligence officer who after his last adventure in the Barentsz Sea officer moved to Venezuela with his family, to work at the US embassy to get some peace and quiet, accidentally discovers the plot and together with his old friend and local intelligence officer José Abrantes, covertly plans to prevent the coup from happening but they fail.

During two – pro and anti-government – peaceful demonstrations in April 2002 the coup plotters together with the media arranged a violent confrontation between parties resulting in the validation of a vicious coup.

After the coup and imprisonment of Hugo Chávez not knowing who to trust Mitchel and José work covertly with the Chavez loyalists to re-install the Chávez government.

Within 47 hours Mitchel and José gather the evidence needed to force the coup leaders to resign and reinstate the Chávez Government.

Much about what really happened or who was involved is unknown. 47 hours in an adventures way tells the fictional story based on those true events that are known, from how the coup was planned and executed to the reinstatement of Hugo Chávez 47 hours later.


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