When Jennifer Porter’s father dies from a mysterious illness, she inherits a 400-year-old book written in an unknown language that he had been trying to decode before his death. Titled Aldaraia sive Soyga voco’r, Jennifer has no idea where to start and so she turns to the esteemed Yale professor, Matthew Bishop for help.

Together they form an unlikely friendship as they begin to unlock the book’s secrets, only to discover vital components have been omitted – sending them on a search across the globe for a series of hidden scrolls destined to solve one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

However, it soon becomes apparent that Jennifer and Bishop are not the only ones interested in the book’s secrets and as they search for clues they find themselves caught up in a dangerous and terrifying race against time.

For fans of Dan Brown and Michael Crichton, Aldaraia is acclaimed Dutch author Burt Clinchandhill’s third novel.






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