The Mogadishu Encounter

In his third and final installment Lt Cmdr. James Mitchell once again sails the African waters on board the USS James E. Williams.  When Mitchel learns of a mysterious cargo onboard the Dai Hong Dan – a North Korean freighter – the American warship sails to intercept. Before the Williams reaches the North Korean freighter they are seized by Somalian pirates in the waters where U.S. and NATO warships have been patrolling off the Horn of Africa for years now in an effort to stop piracy.

As the suspicion of a very dangerous cargo aboard the Dan rises, Mitchel and his colleagues take us on a thrilling ride were danger and the threat of nuclear war are imminent.

The Mogadishu Encounter, is the third and final adventure in the James Mitchel trilogy.  A political thriller inspired by true events.

Clinchandhill again brings together fact and fiction, drama, and dialogue that will keep the reader tied to book from beginning to end.


It had been a while since ‘47 Hours, The Fall and Rise of Hugo Chavez’ the sequel to Kursk saw first daylight. And after two books held together by one main character what do you do? Indeed, you plan on making it a trilogy. And so I did and ‘Dai Hong Dan’ was born, again a story based on true events with little facts about what truly happened, where I would write my hero in to live and explain it all.

After four months of research and writing an outline the new James Mitchel novel found its way to the laptop and principal writing began, and then it happened, I froze. Somehow it didn’t feel right, my heart wasn’t in the story and writing it became heavy, and heavier up to the point when I was looking at my screen, reread my outline and…. I quit.

The ‘Dai Hong Dan’ (new title: The Mogadishu Encounter) into the freezer. What to do, go search for another James Mitchel story or start something completely different? It was at that time that I read the latest Dan Brown novel, ‘Origin’. Now I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Brown although I tend to find his writing style somewhat ‘long and full of detail’. But that’s every writer’s preferred style and prerogative. But it’s especially Mr. Brown’s eye for a mystery but a yet plausible story and his obvious research that went into it, that I truly admire. Could I possibly think of such a story and even I could, would I be able to write it, I asked myself. The answer was clear quickly, NO. I never could. I probably could think of a story but writing it. The research alone my patience could never bear. But still like the subjects of the genre I ignored my initial feelings and decided to try and think of a story and see where it went.

A year passed by since I iced ‘Dai Hong Dan’ and began thinking of a story in the ‘style of Dan Brown’ and ever since I’ve been asking myself what am I doing, but I am writing. Some five months of research brought me to a mysterious story about ancient secrets (maybe) revealing themselves at the present time. ‘Aldaraia’ was born and the first words of a prologue were written. After quitting on my previous book the first chapters a tiny voice inside my head kept asking if I was really going to finish this one.  Twelve months and dozens of chapters later I’m still writing and the doubt whether or not I will finish the book went away.

I finished the book. Mind you, it’s not a ‘Dan Brown’ book. And I thank G*d for that. The three writers that inspired me most (in my own writing) are Dan Brown – for his eye for detail and his mystery, Tom Clancy – who was the inspiration for the James Mitchel series – and, Michael Crichton for his eye for scientific facts combined with social issues. Each author not comparable to the other with their unique writing style and story signature.

So what about the ‘Dai Hong Dan’. After finishing everything considering the publication of Aldaraia my plan is to convert Dai Hong Dan into a new story giving the James Mitchell trilogy a well-deserved finale.

Until then I hope you enjoy the first two Mitchel James chapters and of course my new line novel, Aldaraia

Edit July 12, 2020. After Aldaraia I finished Lemuria that will be published May 2021.

For the James Mitche fans.In

the meantime I’m working on The Mogadishu Encounter (previously, Said Hong Dan.  Iexpect this third J(and final) to be ready before the 2020 holiday season.

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