The Mogadishu Encounter

As the suspicion of very dangerous cargo aboard the Dan rises, Mitchel and his colleagues take us on a thrilling ride where danger and the threat of nuclear war are imminent.

The Mogadishu Encounter is the latest and last adventure in the James Mitchel trilogy thriller inspired by true events.

Clinchandhill again brings together fact and fiction, drama, and dialogue that will keep the reader tied to the book from beginning to end.


In his third installment, commander James Mitchel once again sails the African waters onboard the USS James E. Williams.  When Mitchel learns of a mysterious cargo onboard the Dai Hong Dan – a North Korean freighter – the American warship sails to intercept. Before the Williams reaches the North Korean freighter, they are seized by Somalian pirates in the waters where U.S. and NATO warships have been patrolling off the Horn of Africa for years now in an effort to stop piracy.