The secrets of the past belong to the future.

When all over the world, strange things happen with the last isolated living tribes, Professor Matthew Bishop is unwillingly dragged into an adventure that will take him all over the globe again. His personal stake increases when his close friend Jennifer Porter disappears and somehow seems to be involved. Following the hidden clues and with the help of old friends and the Vatican, Bishop uncovers a truth that doesn’t end on this earth but could very well mean the end of it. Lemuria takes you across three continents and into the heavens.





Told in a unique combination of flashbacks and present time writing, Lemuria is a fantastic story about old and new friendships, evolution, religion, and the future of humankind. Lemuria is the second novel in the Matthew Bishop series, with Aldaraia (2020) being the first and Atacama (November 2021) being the last in the series.






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