Two new Clinchandhill books this November.

Believe it or not, this fall (November to be exact) will be the month in which two new Clinchandhill books are published.

The first is the long-awaited third and final James Mitchel installment, The Mogadishu Encounter. The Mogadishu encounter is based on the true story about the Hijacking of The North Korean Freighter Dai Hong Dan back in 2007.  When Mitchel learns of a mysterious cargo on board the freighter, his ship – the destroyer, James E. Williams – sails to intercept. Unfortunately, before they reach the North Korean vessel, it’s seized by Somalian pirates. What follows is a cat-and-mouse game of nuclear proportions.

The second new Clinchandhill novel in 2020 is the first in a new series of Matthew Bishop novels. In Aldaraia, Matthew Bishop is a Yale professor in mathematics and philosophy who’s approached By Yale Student Jennifer Porter’s whose father died and left her a 400-year-old book, titled Aldaraia sive Soyga voco’r. Written in an unknown language, her father tried to decode before his death. She asks for Bishop’s help, and the two form an unlikely friendship as they begin to unlock the book’s secrets.

Soon they discover that vital components have been omitted and embark upon a global search for a series of hidden scrolls destined to solve one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Yet Jennifer and Bishop are not the only ones interested in the book’s secrets, and their quest becomes a dangerous and terrifying race against time. Aldaraia is the first Matthe Bishop installment in Clinchandhill’s new category of conspiracy thrillers and religious mysteries.

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